Disorderly Conduct Defense | Toms River, NJ

Disorderly conduct, referred to as disturbing the peace or breach of peace, is divided into two types in New Jersey. The first is improper behavior and the second is offensive language. Each has their own set of penalties and consequences associated with them.

Improper Behavior Disorderly Conduct

An improper behavior disorderly conduct charge can be brought against someone if they deliberately cause a public inconvenience, alarm, or annoyance. Reckless behavior such as fighting or creating a hazardous risk are considered improper behavior and can warrant a disturbing the peace charge in the state.

Offensive Language Charge

An offensive language charge is warranted when a person offends another's sensibilities. Usually, this is done through loud, abusive language in a public place.

Disorderly Conduct Penalty

The effects of disorderly conduct vary greatly depending on the type of charge you are given and whether it is considered a petty disorderly conduct charge or a disorderly conduct charge. However, both types leave a permanent mark on your record and should be treated seriously.

Petty Disorderly Conduct

A petty disorderly conduct charge is New Jersey is usually associated with the harassment of another person or breach of peace. If you are guilty of harassment or disorderly conduct, you will receive a $500 fine. Up to 30 days in jail, and receive a permanent mark on your record, which could affect your ability to seek employment in the future. If you are found to have used your vehicle during the crime, you can also have your license suspended for up to 2 years.

Disorderly Conduct Charge

Disorderly conduct is a more serious charge and is usually applied when someone resists arrests, shoplifts, is engaged in domestic violence, or assault cases. These more serious charges will attract higher fines and be punishable by at least 6 months in jail. As with the lesser charge, you will also receive a permanent criminal record, and could lose your driver's license if your vehicle was involved in the incident.

Domestic Violence Charges NJ

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can change a person's life if charged and found guilty of this crime. When convicted of domestic violence, you will be unwelcome in many establishments. Persons convicted of domestic violence may find it difficult to become employed, find a place to live, and can be required to be listed under the domestic violence registry, which was created by the Violence Against Women Act. Being in this registry means you are classified as an abuser and will not be permitted to own a gun.

Disorderly Conduct Attorney

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