Somerset County NJ Attorney

The choice you make in deciding which attorney you hire determines the destiny of your case. Justice is pinned on even the smallest of matters, and that is why you should opt for an attorney that has a high legal representation success rate. Daniel Berger practicing in Somerset County fits the bill from all perspectives. He has an excellent track record and is quite knowledgeable.

Some of the legal issues that Attorney Daniel Berger has successfully handled include Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Traffic Offenses, Criminal Cases, and legal representation at the Somerset County courthouse. Having served as a prosecutor for many years, Mr. Berger understands his way through the procedures of the courtroom. Driving while intoxicated should be handled by a top attorney with a good grasp of DWI laws. Mr. Berger prides in in-depth knowledge of the law, its interpretation and requirements more so for offenses ranging from minor to complicated legal encounters. Other offenses include:

Traffic Offenses: Traffic violations are sensitive and can translate to a lot of things. Your driving license, as well as your insurance, is likely to be impacted negatively in the event of a traffic violation. Worse, they can culminate to a loss of a job. You wouldn't wish to take that road. Daniel Berger has plenty of experience and he knows the law.Regardless of the magnitude of your case, Mr. Berger will offer legal advice based on likely scenarios, and your etiquette throughout the proceedings.

Criminal Offenses: Broad knowledge of navigating through the legal system is what an attorney representing a criminal case will want. Some criminal charges can be too straightforward, but it does not mean you cannot get out. If not so, then he can negotiate to have your fines or sentences lowered for your sake. Mr. Berger has seen it all through his three decades of court practice, and that makes him just the attorney you should look for when faced with a criminal offense.His areas of jurisdiction include, but not limited to; theft, arson, trespassing, drugs possession, shoplifting, disorderly offenses, driving while suspended, and assault among others.

Somerset County Courthouse

These courts do not have as much jurisdiction as is the case with other state courts. Regardless, you will need a top performer in Somerset County to get you out of your predicaments. With the assumption that not much is likely to come from such a court, things might turn on their heads. Think ahead and get yourself a lawyer who sees ahead, who is there to represent you, and one who is there for you all through.

Professional Legal Advice

It is a farsighted and smart move to opt for a diligent attorney to handle your case. Mr. Daniel Berger is one of the best legal professionals you can count on in your pursuit for justice in a court of law within the Somerset County area. He will discuss your matter with you before advising you on the way forward. Schedule your consultation today!