Speeding Ticket Lawyer | Toms River, NJ

When it comes to speeding tickets, many drivers don't realize this type of traffic violation can be fought in court. With an experienced defense attorney, you may be able to have a speeding ticket thrown out, which will allow you to avoid negative implications to your driving record and avoid insurance rate hikes.

How Are Speeding Tickets Issued in NJ?

In New Jersey, police officers and state troopers are responsible for issuing speeding tickets to drivers. In most cases, an officer uses a radar gun to determine the traveling speed of a vehicle and then pulls over vehicles exceeding the speed limit to issue a ticket. A speeding ticket should never be taken lightly because it has significant consequences that go beyond a monetary fine. In addition to paying the fine for the ticket, you will also accrue points on your license, and could face a hike in insurance premiums.

Speeding Ticket Points in New Jersey

The miles per hour a driver is traveling over the speed limit determines how many points a driver will receive on their license. For instance, if a driver is traveling 1 to 14mph over the speed limit, they will likely receive 2 points. Speeds of 15 to 29mph over the posted limit will attract 4 points, and drivers traveling more than 30mph over the speed limit could receive up to 5 points on their driver's license. A driver's license can be suspended once 12 points have been accrued. To avoid having your license suspended due to points, a defense attorney can argue that you weren't speeding. If you were speeding, and there was a legitimate reason for you to travel at a high rate of speed, an attorney can explain that to the judge on your behalf.

Speeding Ticket Defense Strategies

If you were issued a speeding ticket and the officer issuing the ticket made a mistake, an attorney might be able to have the ticket dismissed. An example of an officer's mistake could be writing the wrong law on the ticket. Other defense strategies revolve around the officer's radar gun. By law, a radar gun must be tested and reset after each use. The equipment also must be calibrated at least once a year. If any of the above maintenance wasn't completed successfully, your attorney could argue for the ticket to be dismissed. If an officer used their vehicle's speedometer to estimate a driver's rate of speed, the same equipment terms that apply to a radar also apply to the vehicle speedometer. Drivers that exceeded the speed limit, but had a legitimate reason for doing so, such as a medical emergency, may also be able to have their speeding ticket dismissed.

Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney in NJ

If any of the above is true in a particular situation, a defense attorney may have legitimate grounds to have your speeding ticket thrown out, which would help you avoid speeding fines and huge insurance rate premiums. However, you will likely still be responsible for court costs. To make sure you build a strong case, it's important to hire a defense attorney familiar with traffic violations. Contact Daniel Berger, ESQ., today for a free consultation and immediate help with your case.